April 05, 2010

Cheers to National Poetry Month

It seems April is National Poetry Month and, as the New York Times book blog Paper Cuts points out, what better way to celebrate than the way most great poets would - by drinking? I love the Book Bench's assemblage of literary-inspired drinks (I especially want to try the somewhat surprising Winnie the Pooh-inspired Honeysuckle Rouge). And the American Academy of Poets has a few drink recipes inspired by specific poems, as well as a list of New York bars participating this month in this literary drink-fest (many of which I hope to visit before the month is out). Personally, my favorite thing to do when I feel like channeling favorite writers through alcohol in New York (aside from visiting Dylan Thomas at the White Horse Tavern) is to have a gin and tonic (I'm not brave enough for Highballs) at a swanky bar uptown while pretending I'm in a F. Scott Fitzgerald short story. Of course, this doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like (read: hardly ever), but it makes me happy to pretend.


  1. This makes me miss the Geraldine R. Dodge poetry festival Mrs. Walsh took us to. It was so much fun (and muddy) and they had TENTS! Seeing Sandra Cisneros read was a highlight. Odd that they had it in fall instead of in April. I hear they're not having it this year because of the recession. Hopefully, next year they will be able to have it.

  2. That was so wonderful. I almost forgot about it. And seeing Paul Muldoon! Can we go do some literary drinking together?

  3. Indeed. We must do some literary drinking. That honeysuckle rouge sounds delicious. What a great idea.